Etta's International Cosmetics USA
A US Distributor Of The Proven Lightening SkinCare Products



1. Put about 3 tbsp of Etta's Powder in a mixing bowl.


4. Apply gently and thinly on the face or body avoiding eyes and eyebrows. If the mixture is not enough for the desired area, you may mix some more again.


3.  .... a smooth cream consistency has reached.  Then, right away....

6. Rinse with Etta's soap and pat to dry. Then apply Etta's moisturizing cream or any safe body lotion. (Note: Best time to apply is before shower or washing face, morning/night)


2. Then gradually mix the powder with 2 tbsp. of Etta's cosmetic grade solution or add a little more until....


5. Relax and wait for about 15 minutes while it is working on your skin.