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Hi Nelie Ann,

I received Etta’s Skin Whitening product and today will be the third day I use it. I cannot thank you enough for your wonderful and committed service. This product is amazing and I am definitely going to be purchasing more in the future. I really think your team should be heavier on marketing because it really is such a great product that more people should know about. Thanks a bunch, Marlon.


B. Valenti
Ontario, Canada
Oct. 27, 2006

hi I'm mila i start using your Etta’s product and it works for me.

Mila Contreras
Texas, USA
June 7, 2006 


This image is showing the result of the 15-minute application during a product demonstration.  The right hand in the image was without application but on the left hand, Etta's was applied.  You can clearly see the difference between the two hands.  It was just a first application and it works, it looks lighter, smoother and younger looking skin.  Now, how much more if you will apply Etta's regularly as needed before taking a shower or washing your face.  

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